Knurled Steel Round Plug 0201501

Knurled Steel Round Plug 0201501

Knurled Steel Round Plug
The Knurled Steel Round Plug belongs to the Lathed Parts.

The part is a round plug with a flat head and knurled on the side of the head. The middle of the part is a smooth cylinder. The end has a large center hole with threads inside.

The knurling on the side of the head allows this part to be hand twisted directly onto and off the part it is mating.

Parts of this type are common on finished products, machines, or equipment. It can be used as a decorative piece or as a functional piece.

The material of this part is stainless steel, so it has high strength and excellent rust resistance. All sharp corners and burrs on the part have been removed. The surface is very smooth.

Our company owns more than 20 automatic lathes. We have capable of producing all kinds of turning parts quickly. The material, size, and shape of the parts can be customized according to customer requirements.