Round Grill in Oven 0500301

Round Grill in Oven 0500301

Round Grill in Oven
The Round Grill in Oven belongs to the Metal Wire Appliances.

This product is a food rack in a microwave oven. It is a disc made of stainless steel wire with three feet, each with a piece of metal welded to the end.

Due to frequent contact with food and liquids, the requirements for rust and corrosion resistance of materials are relatively high.

Our company has produced a large number of such products, which are well received by customers. After the product is welded, it is polished to remove sharp corners and burrs. Eliminated the potential risk of scratching fingers or hands. The outer surface is smooth and shiny.

If customers need products of other sizes and shapes, we can also design and produce according to customers’ requirements. If you have a demand for this type of product, please feel free to contact us.