Shadow Box Picture Frame, M Size


The size of this shadow box frame is 10.3″ (26.2 cm) x 12.3″ (31.2 cm) x 2.4″ (6.1 cm). It’s rustic brown wood frame with clear acrylic boards of front and background. The product can be used as display case, picture box, memory boxes, display box, memorial gifts, sympathy gift, memory frame, magazine frame, and flag holder. It’s perfect for creating and protecting your display of photos, models, specimens, and any other memorabilia.

Medium Size Shadow Box


This deep shadowbox comes with hanging hardware for hassle-free display horizontal or vertical on the wall. It can also be placed on a desktop, tabletop, countertop, or mantel. The frame depth allows to display pictures, photos, medals, animal and plant specimens. This display frame can be photo box, flag display case, baby memory box, pet memorial shadow box, flower box, book display case, newspaper frame, 3D picture frame as well.

Transparent photo frame.


4 more colors of background are also provided along with this shadowbox picture frame for use, they are black, white, grey, and brown. Therefore, you can easily have multiple decorating styles of the shadow frame, such like butterfly gifts display box, small trophy case, adventure archive box, pin collection display box. When using the transparent background, this shadow box is similar as a glass case for display.

With different color background cards.


A small glass bottle is provided for keeping the pet and baby’s hair, or any other small stuff. This deep display box frame is good at keeping sympathy gifts, grief gift, remembrance gifts, memorial gifts, in memory of loved one gifts, etc.


This shadow box / picture frame / photo frame product is easy to use. Just draw out the front board, put things into the shadow box frame, then push the front board back. Displays can be stuck on the background board using the included nano stickers. The nano stickers can also be used to fix light things onto the wall or table, such as photo frames, paintings, decorations, and remote controls. The nano stickers are residue-free.

Easy to install.



Versatile Shadow Box & Picture Frame

Shadow box with wooden frame.

Transparent picture frame.