Washer Screw and Drywall Plug Kit 1001800

Washer Screw and Drywall Plug Kit 1001800

The Washer Screw and Drywall Plug Kit belongs to the Fastener Kits.

When the screwed-in surface is soft, a screw with a washer on the head can be used to increase the contact area to achieve a better tightening.

This Fastener Kit contains 2 self-tapping screws with washers on the head and 2 white Drywall Plugs. For fixing or hanging things on the wall.

Drywall Plugs and self-tapping screws are very common parts. They are widely used in homes, offices, factories, shops, and various other occasions.

After the self-tapping screw is twisted into the Drywall Plug, the diameter of the Drywall Plug will be enlarged, so that it is tightly fixed in the hole on the wall and can withstand relatively large force.

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