Cat Anti Scratch Tape Cat Training Tape

Cat Anti Scratch Tape Cat Training Tape

Cats and dogs are the most common pets. By nature, cats like to claw at things. In families with cats, furniture, doors, Windows, walls, and other surfaces are covered with scratches, causing great distress to people’s lives. To solve this problem, our company developed Cat Anti Scratch Tape products. Such products can effectively improve the cat scratch problem. It has achieved good market feedback. Only part of our Cat Anti Scratch Tape are shown here. We have some brands of our own. In addition to designing and producing products, we can also design and manufacture private-label products according to customer requirements. If you need such products, please feel free to contact us. We are confident that with strong design ability, high production efficiency, excellent quality control, and reasonable price to fully meet the requirements of customers.

The large size design can provide a large protection area for the furniture. The product is easy to cut and apply. It is very convenient to use. This Anti-scratch Cat Training Tape helps to train your cat to stop scratching furniture and save your furniture from paw scratches. The product can protect most of the furniture such as couches, chairs, walls, fabric sofas, tables, Automotive interiors, counters, doorways, etc. (Please note: This product is not recommended to apply on leather, velvet, or microfiber.)

This cat scratch tape is made of the latest material. The tape is clear, wear-resistant, and with a smoother surface. This cat scratch furniture protector is more invisible. It can provide better protection.

This tape can be cut according to your actual needs. After cutting to the needed size, just tear off the backing paper and stick it on the surface that needs to be protected. The operation is very simple and convenient. The cat scratch pad can also be applied to the seats of your car. Cut to a suitable length, remove a part of the backing paper at both ends, then stick it to the car seats. With this tape on the car seats, you can travel with your pet rest assured without worrying about your pet will damage to the seat cover. This tape will not leave traces after being removed.

There are 70 pieces of nano stickers and 40 pieces of twist pins in the package. The nano stickers and twist pins provide extra securing solutions to keep the tape in place. The nano stickers can also be used to fix light things onto the wall or table, such as photo frames, paintings, decorations, and remote controls. The nano stickers are residue-free too.

The product is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and non-toxic. It is harmless to the body of people and pets.

  1. Cat Anti Scratch Tape, 13 inches (33 cm) * 14 feet (4.3 meter).

  1. Cat Anti Scratch Tape, 13 inches (33 cm) * 24 feet (7.3 meter).

  1. Cat Anti Scratch Tape, 13 inches (33 cm) * 14 feet (9.7 meter).