Dish Rack With Drain Tray 0501501

Dish Rack With Drain Tray 0501501

The Dish Rack With Drain Tray belongs to Stainless Steel Wire Racks.

The function of this product is to store dishes. Many plates can be placed vertically on the rack, therefore saving space.

The rack has a drain pan, the water on the pan will be caught by the drain pan, so it won’t drip onto the table. The drain pan can be easily removed from the shelf to be drained and cleaned.

There are soft rubber caps on the feet of the rack, which has a non-slip effect and can avoid scratching the desktop. The product is made of stainless steel with excellent rust resistance.

The surface is smooth after careful sanding and all burrs and sharp corners are removed. This product is very popular in the market because of its ease of use.