Food Rack Food Cooling Rack 0501001

Food Rack Food Cooling Rack 0501001

The Food Rack Food Cooling Rack belongs to the Stainless Steel Wire Racks.

This food cooling rack is square and has feet on the bottom to keep the rack a certain distance from the tabletop.

The design of the bottom feet is simple and practical, and the effect of cooling food is very good. The food racks used in the oven are of a similar design.

The material of this product is food-grade stainless steel, which is not only completely harmless to the body but also has good strength. After careful grinding, the surface is very smooth, and there is no potential risk of scratching.

According to different use environments and endurance force requirements, stainless steel wires of different diameters can be used to make products. Our products are customized according to customer requirements, to the greatest extent meet the needs of consumers.