Metal Wire Fish Grill Rack 0501101

Metal Wire Fish Grill Rack 0501101

Metal Wire Fish Grill Rack
The Metal Wire Fish Grill Rack belongs to the Metal Wire Appliances.

Barbecue is a food that all people like, and it is very popular all over the world.

The foods that can be grilled include meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, etc. Almost all foods can be barbecue ingredients.

This product is a rack for grilling fish. It includes two sides. The 2 sides can be folded to sandwich the fish to be grilled. This makes it easy to flip over while grilling. Of course, in addition to grilling fish, you can also use this rack to grill other foods.

The rack is made of food-grade stainless steel wire, which is completely harmless to health. This kind of product comes in many shapes and sizes, and we can manufacture them all.

We are also able to produce customized products according to customer requirements. Over the years, our products have been favored by customers with reasonable prices, high quality, and excellent service. If you need such products, please feel free to contact us.