Spring Clamp Zinc Casting 0700T00

Spring Clamp Zinc Casting 0700T00

The Spring Clamp Zinc Casting belongs to the Carabiner Shackle Clamp Clasp.

The Spring Clamp is a common part of life, usually used on luggage, chain accessories, pet leash, and other products.

Most Spring Clamps are made of metal materials. Parts with high strength requirements can use stainless steel materials, and parts with relatively low strength requirements are generally made of zinc alloys. After electroplating, zinc alloy parts also have good rust resistance.

Our Spring Clamp products are very complete and we believe they can meet the needs of all occasions.

Our company’s design ability is also very strong and can design products that fully fit the environment of use according to customer requirements. If you need any Spring Clamps, please don’t hesitate to contact us.