Triangle Ring for Hanging 0700S00

Triangle Ring for Hanging 0700S00

Triangle Ring for Hanging
The Triangle Ring for Hanging belongs to the Spring Hooks Shackles Cable Clamps.

This triangular ring or similar parts are often seen on industrial equipment, machines, household appliances, household products, and commercial products.

One side of the triangular ring is wrapped by a metal sheet. There is a round hole in the sheet metal for fixing the sheet with screws or rivets. The triangular ring makes it easy to hang or attach to any object.

The material of this part can be stainless steel, aluminum alloy, or carbon steel electroplating. Stainless steel parts have good rust resistance and high strength. Aluminum alloy parts are lighter in weight. Carbon steel plated materials have lower part costs.

Our company can customize parts in different shapes, sizes, and colors according to customer requirements. If you need this kind of part, please feel free to contact us.