Dual Rings Anti Tangle 0700U00

Dual Rings Anti Tangle 0700U00

The Dual Rings Anti Tangle belongs to the Carabiner Shackle Clamp Clasp.

There are many kinds of connecting parts. The purpose of connecting parts is to connect different parts.

Most of the connecting parts are made of metal, therefore can endurance the forces. The parts made of stainless steel parts are generally used in situations where the endurance force is Heavy.

The parts made of zinc alloy are used in environments where the endurance is not so heavy. After being electroplated, the zinc alloy parts can show a very bright surface and excellent anti-rust performance.

They can show in various colors for decorative effect. Only some of our connecting products are uploaded on our website.

In addition to existing products, our company can also design and manufacture customized products according to customer requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for details.